See answers to many of your burning questions below.

How do you choose submissions to critique on the air?

We look for submissions with interesting errors—errors that lots of writers tend to make so that our critiques can help lots of writers improve their craft. If your work is perfect, we probably won’t critique it on the air. Likewise, if your work is riddled with errors, or if you make too many beginner mistakes, we probably won’t critique it on the air.


Does that mean if my submission doesn’t make it on the air, it was either too perfect or really bad?



So, it’s possible my submission won’t get critiqued on the air?

Yes. Submission selection is at our discretion.


If I’m not happy about your critique of my submission, will you take the episode down?

No. Reminder that submissions are anonymous, and you agreed to our terms and conditions when you submitted.


If you already critiqued a submission of mine, can I submit another?



Can I revise and resubmit a submission you already critiqued on the air?



What makes you guys think you’re so smart, anyway?

Besides our oodles of combined experience in professional fiction writing, editing, and publishing, and besides our shared passion for good stories well told, well, not much. Everything we say is our opinion and nothing more—and often we disagree with each other, so there you go. Submitters (and listeners) are, of course, always welcome to take our suggestions or kick them to the curb. It’s your story!


Is there really a wild jungle cat prowling around in the background when you guys are recording?

Yes. If by wild jungle cat you mean Warren and Angie’s cat Pixie.


Are you guys really drinking alcoholic beverages when you critique?



Are you drunk?



Can I pay you guys to make sure my submission gets critiqued on the air?

You can pay us. But that doesn't mean we'll critique your submission.